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Kathy Peters

Kathy Peters
Senior Property Manager

Email: -

Mobile: - 0420 431 556

B/hours: - 02 9521 6455

Kathy Peters brings exceptional experience, extensive knowledge and fantastic people skills to her role as Senior Property Manager at Russ Real Estate. Kathy Peters continually strives not just to meet her client’s expectations but also to exceed them.
Since beginning in Real Estate in 1981 Kathy Peters explored all different areas of the real estate industry but found Property Management to be her passion. Kathy Peters moved to our Sutherland office where she has now worked for 4 years.

Kathy has had many experience in Property Management but is always updating and changing the way things are done to ensure that she is one step ahead of processes. Kathy’s friendly nature and maturity ensures that your property is managed with the best of care.

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